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-=Escape From Tarkov=-

Product compatibility + MISC
1909 - 22h2
Windows 10 Only

-=Feature List=-

-=ESP Features=-
Player ESP Settings
Draw Box
Draw Skeletons
Max Bone Distance <0m - 400m>
Draw Distance
Max Distance <0m - 1000m>
Draw Weapon
Draw Ammo
Draw Chams
Draw Local Chams
Draw Grenades
Draw Minimap
Max Minimap Distance <0m - 500m>
Draw Names

-=Item ESP Settings=-

Item ESP
Max Item Distance <0m - 1000m>
Crape ESP
Max Crate Distance <0m - 1000m>
Filter By Price
Min Item Price <0R - 10,000,000R> (Starts At 60k)
Juicy Loot Filter
Min Juicy Loot Price <0R - 10,000,000R> (Starts At 100k)
Corpse ESP
Kappa Item Filter
Item HUD

-=Exfil ESP Options=-

Show Exfil's
Show Exfils Only Valid
Exfil Draw Distance <0m - 1000m>

-=Aimbot Settings=-

Enable Aimbot
Aimbot Type
Target Line
Aimbot Bone Selection (Head, Chest, Pelvis, Knees, Hands)
Randomization Bone Selections (Hits All MINUS Head!)
Draw Aimbot FOV
FOV Size <0 - 1000>

-=Weapon Settings=-

No Recoil
No Animations
No Shake
Instant Weapon ADS

-=MISC Settings=-

Infinite Stamina
No Visor
Local Hud
Night Vision
Thermal Vision
No Inertia
Time Changer
Time <0H - 24H>
Loot Through Walls
Ignore Bushes
Search Double
Instant Examine
FOV Changer
FOV <65 - 165>
Anti Fatigue
Increase Carry weight
Target HUD
Extra Lean

1 Month
1 Month Access To EFT
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Starting at $65.00
1 Week
1 Week Access To EFT
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Starting at $29.99
1 Day
1 Day Access To EFT
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Starting at $6.50
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